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Trusted brands!

mySupport supplies only trusted and branded hardware products. Branded products are proven in the market. They have less downtime and cost to repair due to on-site warranties, stock availability, effective local support and these products are quality tested for business. mySupport has the knowledge and experience to supply these branded products and will advise on the best products for your budget.

mySupport is a registered reseller with all the Major Hardware Distributors in South Africa and can supply branded products at very competitive prices.

Don't put your business at risk by buying inferior and non-branded products.  We term these machines as "White boxes" and it has been proven that although they are cheaper to procure, they are indeed more expensive to maintain and support in their life-time compared to the branded product.

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Is your Software correctly licensed?

Software compliance and correct licensing can cause major headaches.  mySupport understands the various licensing models of all major Software companies and we can assist you in making sure your business is correctly licensed and that your software is compliant.  Our Monitoring system created a software catalog and we will help determine if the software on your machines are illegal or non-compliant.  Unlicensed software may carry massive penalties and/or prosecution.

mySupport will assist you with the correct Software strategy and take the burden of managing your renewals away from you.

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